VA Quick Reference for Realtors


 Score Minimums

  • 620 minimum
  • No credit score is acceptable.  Three alternate trade lines (rent, utilities, cell phone bill, etc.) with 12 month history required.


  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: eligible after two years.
  • May be eligible after one year, if significant extenuating circumstances exist.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: eligible after one year into the payment plan.


  • Eligible after two years from foreclosure completion date. 
  • May be eligible after one year, if significant extenuating circumstances exist. 
  • If mortgage included in chapter 7 bankruptcy, use discharge date rather than completion date.
  • Defaulted time share loans are considered foreclosures 

Short Sale

  • Eligible after one year from short sale completion date. 
  • May be eligible sooner, if significant extenuating circumstances exist.

Updated 10/13/2015

Debt Ratio Requirements

  • 45 manual with compensating factors
  • 60 with DU/LP approval


  • Veteran may have more than one VA loan outstanding if there is sufficient entitlement 
  • If veteran had a previous foreclosure, they may still be eligible with sufficient bonus entitlement. 

Property Types